Installation of steel structures of buildings and structures

The main advantages of steel structures: high strength and reliability with a relatively small weight, simplicity and high industrial production and installation.

Steel structures are manufactured and assembled in accordance with KMD drawings (detailed drawings of metal structures), developed on the basis of KM drawings (working drawings of metal structures). The structural design drawings provide for the division of structures into elements, taking into account their maximum enlargement at the plant and the possibility of subsequent enlargement at the assembly site. The composition of the KM drawings includes wiring diagrams with the marks of each individual element indicated on them. The same marks are painted with paint on the elements themselves, so that it would be easier for them to select parts for the complete shipment of structures to the assembly sites and quickly find them during installation or pre-assembly.

With a large amount of work, steel structures arriving from the plant are taken to the warehouse-base, where they are sorted, assembled and prepared for pre-assembly and installation.